Profitbot - boat for download for free and win automatically.

ProfitBot v.1.15 EXE

Simple and quick to setup bot for on your computer. Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/10

Download Profitbot (zip)

ProfitBot v.1.15 Portable

Portable version that requires no installation on your PC. The launch of the bot is made from a single folder with configuration files.

Download Profitbot (rar)

ProfitBot Individual

Book a private version of the bot for 999doge tailored to your strategy and read our suggestions.

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Profitbot – the universal bot for intended for automatic betting "More" or "Less", using different strategies. The bot is a private software development and available for download absolutely free.

Our services

Is your reference - 0,03 BTC per month

Placing text ads in the program for a period of not less than 1 month will allow hundreds of people daily seeing your listing and to increase thematic traffic.

This advertisement allows us to attract referrals and targeted visitors to your resources.

can Appear no more than 10 ads, rotation of the links occurs at intervals of 1 minute.

Functional change bot – 0,2 - 0,5 BTC

Description – individualization of the program to suit your needs. Change any parameter of the game under the required strategy, adding new modes, tools, statistics, and other functions.

the Cost of modifying the bot depends on the complexity of your preferences!

Integrate your referral links – 1 BTC

Description – whitie your reference for distribution of the program and earnings on referrals.

After integration Ref. links, users who register through the bot automatically become your referrals.

Selling source code of the program is 4 BTC

Description – full source code of the installer and the portable version of the bot. Necessary classes for the code.

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