Profitbot - boat for download for free and win automatically.

ProfitBot v.1.15 EXE

Simple and quick to setup bot for on your computer. Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/10

Download ProfitBot (zip)

ProfitBot v.1.15 Portable

Portable version that requires no installation on your PC. The launch of the bot is made from a single folder with configuration files.

Download ProfitBot (rar)

ProfitBot Individual

Book a private version of the bot for 999doge tailored to your strategy and read our suggestions.

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Profitbot – the universal bot for, designed for automatic betting "More" or "Less", using different strategies. The bot is a private software development and available for download absolutely free.

Step by step instructions on preparing to work Profitbot

step by Step instructions on preparing to work Profitbot:

1. Download the latest version of the bot link.

2. In the archive should be 3 files.

3. Unpack the archive to any folder on disk such as disk D:

4. Run the file Profitbot.exe

When you first start you should receive this window

5. Enter the Login name and the Password that we want to register and click on the Register button.

6. The system should automatically create a user which will be written the log bot

7. Go to the site wooden Username and Password we specified when creating a user and click on Login button

8. In the Account tab, check that the user name was the same as You specified during registration.

9. Go to the tab API & Bots and the create an API key, it is required for the bot to automatic mode

10. You should get something of this type

11. Copy and paste it in API Key field and click on the button to Log in

12. Bot ready to>Attention! In the folder with the bot should create a new file Profitbot.ini that you wish to preserve and without which in the future the bot will not work !br>

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